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Financial Services




Educational institutions today are faced with shrinking budgets while increased focus on managing the efficiency and effectiveness of technology in the classroom.

We partner with you to create a solution specifically designed to meet your challenges.


  • Student performance: Focus on improving learning outcomes.
  • Rising costs: Accomplish more with less money and provide differentiated value.
  • Revenue generation: Maximize capital fundraising and alumni contributions.
  • Regulatory burden: Comply with numerous education-based regulations.
  • Access, control and productivity: Improve communication among teachers, students and parents.

Featured Solutions

  • Education Technology and Support: Incorporate new educational technology with teaching techniques to enhance classroom experiences, and overall comprehension of curriculum material.
  • Student Records Management. Digitize, index and merge documents for admissions, financial aid and registration. Integrate them into your student information system.
  • Admissions Processing. Digitally automate admissions to provide fast, accurate, paperless processing. Integrate online applications and capture all supporting materials.
  • Copyright Management. Automate content copyright clearance and accounting with an integrated production process.
  • Student Access Management. Integrate student ID card systems with multifunction devices to manage document output costs.
  • Test Grading and Analysis. Automatically grade, tally and provide a variety of customizable testing reports on to illustrate areas of strength and weakness.
  • Alert Notification. Enable fast and accurate communication of school-related messages via fax, e-mail and hard copy delivery.
  • District-wide Managed Print Services. Track output to control print costs and manage asset deployment to optimize infrastructure costs.
  • Instructional Support Materials on Demand. Save money by printing workbooks and other teaching materials on demand using digital technology.

Banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies, thrift and credit unions, mutual fund companies, investment banks, stockbrokers and traders, retirement and pension funds, property and casualty insurance companies, life insurance companies and carriers.

In today’s competitive market, financial services companies need a way to grow revenue in the face of industry-wide credit issues, mergers and acquisitions and security and regulatory initiatives.


  • Customer loyalty: It costs more to gain business from new customers than to cross-sell to existing ones.
  • Speed of business: Every mortgage, credit line, checking account and investment product requires documentation at every step.
  • Cost reduction: Intense competition drives cost cutting at every turn.

Featured Solutions

  • Opening New Customer Accounts. Automate and streamline the new account application process. Eliminate paper and reduce processing times by digitizing application forms and client correspondence.
  • Client Communications. Improve client loyalty and the service you give your customers by designing personalized communications. Our multifunction devices and solutions can manage the whole process – from design to print and mail.
  • Cost Reduction. Control costs with solutions to optimize office environments, make print operations more efficient, reduce paper and optimize documents across your enterprise.
  • Compliance. Reduce risks and costs associated with complying with complex regulations.
  • Reduce Storage and Retrieval Costs. Store documents electronically, eliminating the cost for off-site document storage and retrieval.
  • Electronic Collaboration. Store documents securely in electronic folders and let users capture, submit, audit, share, deliver and archive them quickly, easily and without paper.

Hospitals, nursing home chains, healthcare staffing, biotechnology firms, medical device manufacturers, clinical research organizations, insurance agents and brokers, pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers.

Delivering quality patient care is your number one priority and MRC is here to ensure you always have adequate resources. To appropriately manage your resources, you need to simplify paperwork processes, better manage document production hardware and more easily track and report regulatory compliance.


  • Moving to electronic medical records (EMR): Automatically extracting and moving pertinent information to an EMR securely.
  • Regulatory compliance: New tools are required for tracking and reporting.
  • HIPAA compliance: Protecting patient information.

Featured Solutions

  • Health Care Assessments. Analyze needs, capabilities, processes and costs associated with document creation and distribution.
  • Health Care Forms Management. Collect, catalogue and digitize forms migrating to an electronic health records system.
  • Health Care Forms Automation. Improve your patient ID system, print bar-coded forms and labels on demand as well as route patient information to departments needing it.
  • HIPAA Compliance Risk Assessment. Develop a roadmap to identify compliance issues and implement security measures to protect patient information.
  • Enterprise Content Management. DocuShare document management software stores, shares and manages documents securely.

Hospitality, resorts and casinos, travel agencies, car rental firms, movie theaters, sports and recreation, food and beverage producers, specialty stores, household durables and non-durables manufacturers, museums, marketing and graphic design firms, broadcasting.

We partner with you to capitalize on a vast portfolio of technology, solutions and services to enable your shift to a workflow-based environment, enabling the way content is created, distributed and managed.


  • Capture data: Quickly capture and manager key customer data; know the demographics of your audience.
  • Market access: Reach anyone, anywhere, in a matter of minutes.
  • Embrace new technology: Get to the market faster with innovative technology features.
  • Regulatory burden: Comply with numerous regulatory agencies and content-management including the FCC.
  • Manage competition: Launch new services to remain ahead of the competition.

Featured Solutions

  • Optimize marketing and client communications. Attract more customers and encourage loyalty by using CRM data to create customized marketing communications that promote new offerings.
  • Workplace Optimization. Control costs with equipment and software solutions to optimize your document workflow process and to make your office more efficient.
  • Localization Services. Create customized marketing strategies to address diverse markets with unique customer segments.
  • Finance and Administrative Services. Streamline and automate document workflow for faster resolution of customer inquiries and managing proof of delivery records to resolve disputes.

Community groups, religious organizations, housing authorities, judicial centers.

In the non-profit industry, the challenge is to do more with less. Whether you operate an association, housing authority or union – today there is even greater pressure to offer more services with less resources. We can help by transforming core document-driven processes while refining costs. We have a proven track record of non-profit delivery experience.


  • Serving the people: Provide quality services at a low cost.
  • Fiscal responsibility: How to do more with less resources.
  • Access, control and productivity: Security, disaster recovery and automating tasks within a changing workforce.

Featured Solutions

  • Donation Processing. Streamline the management of donations by using web-based document management and multifunction devices to scan and route supporting documents.
  • Records Management. Whether for hiring volunteers or the processing of applications for community benefits, we can automate the process providing compliance and increased security.
  • Patron Access Management. Recover print costs, generate new revenue streams, improve services and increase productivity with a modular, scalable card solution.
  • Communication Services. Greatly improve response rates to marketing, reduce outbound solicitation calls and get donations quicker by using the latest in media and channel communications.
  • Workflow Assessments. Analyze needs, capabilities, processes and costs associated with document creation and distribution. We offer a wide range of cost control and recovery capabilities, eliminating waste and misuse, resulting in cost savings.